I just passed my first nursing class of the semester and I have learned a few things about being a student with RA.

1. If you have RA you should avoid stress. I dove in head first! Nursing school equals stress. I am managing well, but the pain is a bit more noticeable these days.

2. Homework KILLS my hands:( I need someone to write for me. I take breaks constantly to relive the pain, however this leads to me taking double the time to do homework.

3. We covered RA in a chapter this semester and I was asked to speak to my class. It was great to share! But, I was reminded how little people know about this disease and how everyone compares it to their grandmothers hip pain or their own knee pain. If it were that easy.

I am still struggling explaining my disease to new people I meet. I feel like carrying a pamphlet:) i know it could be much worse. I am grateful how well I am doing, despite the stress and abuse I am putting my body through. Thank you body for bearing with me lately. I will be gentle:)

Have a pain free week!


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