So, yesterday was my
6 month check up with my Rheumatologist.
I was dreading it. I had not been taking my meds like I should (I was taking them every other week). I knew I had gained allot of weight after a bought of seasonal depression, a demanding semester of nursing school, terrible premenstrual syndrome and a new boyfriend. I thought she was going to lecture me. I was wrong.

She took me off it! Thank you god I am off that stuff. It was causing me to lose two
days a week to fatigue and grogginess. I can not afford to lose that while in school. I no longer have to worry about all those side effects!!! I am elated. She now has me on  weekly Enbrel only because I am doing so well. I am so grateful. This has given me a serious burst of motivation, which I desperately needed.

Birth Control............
The last few months my premenstrual symptoms have been off the charts. for about two solid weeks I eat from sun up
to sun down, suffer from depression, my moods are all over the place, my joints hurt, and I am always nausea's and have GI issues. I don't know why the change but my hormones are wiggity wack! I am hoping birth control will regulate this. I see my NP next week and am going to see what kind she suggests as I really don't want to gain anymore weight.

Does anyone have any input on birth control, hormones and RA????

When I was weighed yesterday I was shocked to see how much I had gained. It slowly made its way on my body on my body quietly, pound at a time. I had the worst case of seasonal depression I have had in some time, but I didn't want to face it and just kept eating. I started dating someone and you know how that goes, dinner dinner dinner. Combine this with being in nursing school and I am now a house. I have always struggled with weight, it is my curse. My way of punishing myself for reasons I don't know. I will now, like always, find my way to the treadmill and start to rid myself of this weight. Next year, I will hopefully have better insurance, I will get phrophalactic antidepressants and some cognitive behavioural therapy and hope this doesn't happen again.


gessica silveria
6/4/2013 12:37:42 am

How do I follow you?

9/8/2013 09:05:48 pm

Get tested for MTHFR I have this gene mutationand it is very common. But I take metanx which is so helpful.

10/13/2013 01:24:07 pm

Great post, thank you.

10/25/2013 04:07:02 am

Testing hormones during pregnancy and birth is very important. Every woman is specific and individual so the symptoms are not same.


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